Devin – Piano Lesson – 2017.03.10

What has Devin practiced since last lesson?

  • Playing major chords
  • Playing songs
    • Seeing how slow or fast could be played
    • Jingle Bells
    • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    • Mary Had A Little Lamb

Major Chord Notes:

  • Lift fingers that aren’t playing a slight bit so that they don’t accidentally depress the keys
  • Practice moving from one chord to the other, back and forth
  • Go slow and practice making your chord transitions clean
  • Create your own chord progressions
  • Improvise melodies with the right have over the chords being played with the left hand

Sight-Reading Practice:

  • White notes are the half notes
  • Black notes are the quarter notes
  • Try practicing in time using a metronome
  • Keep going, even when you miss a few notes
    • The next time you practice the song, hyper focus on the parts you’re struggling with to overcome the challenge
  • Look through the whole song before you play it
    • Notice the highest and lowest notes you will be playing to prepare for those sections
    • Notice where you may have to shift your hand position

Note Naming Exercise:

Practice learning your note names online at the following website:

For Next Lesson:

  • Bring music books to your lesson
  • Practice sight reading music out of your books
  • Practice changing the chords back and forth