Pamela – Piano Lesson – 2017.03.01

Major Scale


Not interested in learning how to play the major scales with both hands right now

Learning Diamond

Practice each problem spot using the learning diamond

Really practice the specific portions that you are struggling with, slowly and in tempo

Link to Learning Diamond: Learning Diamond

Same Notes in Hymnal

Hymnals are written for singers

Imagine each note is for either a Soprano, Alto, Tenor, or Bass singer

Disregard doubled notes in the same octave


Soft Pedal: left-most pedal softens the sound by striking fewer strings

Sostenuto Pedal: middle pedal sustains notes in the lower register of the piano, while the middle and upper registers are played only when held down

Sustain Pedal: right-most pedal sustains any note played

Left-Hand Sight Reading

Go on Interval Training:

Change your clef to bass clef and then Shift+N to cycle through notes

For Next Lesson:

Practice a song that you haven’t done yet (from Hymnal)

Sixteen Candles, Hold Me Kiss Me Thrill Me – find a few “problem spots” to bring in for next lesson