Devin – Piano Lesson – 2017.02.28

What did Devin practice since last lesson?

  • Songs (Humpty Dumpty, for example)
  • Experimented playing on the piano

Sight Reading Practice (Peter Pan – “A Pirate’s Song”)

  • Look over the music before you start playing
  • Look for the highest and lowest notes you think you’ll play
  • Listen to the song before you attempt playing it
  • Find each note and play in rhythm as best you can

Chord Practice

Made practice sheets for major root chords A, B, C, D, E, F, & G

Whole Steps & Half Steps

  • A half step is one piano key up from any root note
  • A whole step is two piano keys up from any root note
  • Introduced whole steps and half steps using a major scale
  • Major Scale = Whole-Whole-Half-Whole-Whole-Whole-Half

5 Finger Exercise & Arpeggios

An arpeggio is a chord played one note at a time

Used chords we learned earlier to create arpeggios

Lesson Rating: 9/10

  • Because the lesson was more complicated than normal and Devin forgot to bring in his books

For Next Lesson:

  • Practice chords with alternating hands
  • Practice arpeggios with alternating hands
  • Continue practicing songs from the books
  • Bring in all of your books to next lesson