Faith – Piano Lesson – 2017.02.27

Intro Questions

What does Faith want out of piano lessons?

  • Just to learn how to know how to play
  • Wants to learn how to read sheet music
  • Wants to learn how to play music by ear
  • Wants to be able to sit down at a piano and know what the note names are
  • Wants to be able to play a song without trying to find the notes each time

What does faith know about music?

  • Doesn’t know how to read notes, rhythms, etc
  • Can identify quarter notes, half notes on a musical staff
  • Has a keyboard at home

What kind of music do you like to play and learn?

  • Music with simple notes
  • Rap music
    • Eminem “Lose Yourself”

Songs that Faith likes from the Disney Songbook

Little Mermaid “Kiss The Girl” =

Lady & The Tramp “Siamese Cat Song” =

Alice In Wonderland “The Unbirthday Song” =

Little Mermaid “Under The Sea” =

Learning Note Names

Keyboard Note Naming Exercise:

  • Go to upper right-hand corner to the gear exercise
  • Select “keys”
  • Uncheck all # (sharp) notes and b (flat) notes

“D” is the note between the two black notes (a.k.a. “doggy D”)

“F is the note that is left of the three black keys

“B” is the note that is right of the three black keys

Keyboard note name picture: Click this link

“Superwoman” Piano Hands

  • Make fists in both of your hands
  • Push your knuckles just up to the wooden part of the piano
  • Drop your fingers onto the white notes of the keyboard in C-position
  • Adjust your piano bench so that you’re sitting just on the edge of the piano bench
  • Keep fingers lightly resting on the keys while your other fingers play the notes
  • Pretend that you have a balloon attached to your wrist so it gently floats while you play the piano
  • Imagine that you’re typing at a computer keyboard

“Kiss The Girl” Song Practice

Little Mermaid “Kiss The Girl” =

Rhythm Lessons note duration rhythm lesson: measures and time signatures lesson: rest duration rhythm lesson:

“Find That Note” Game

Ben plays a note on his guitar and Faith finds the same note on the keyboard.

Improvisation Practice

Ben plays the bass notes in a simply rhythm and faith plays whatever she thinks sounds good

Lesson Rating: 9/10

What could we do to make it into a 10?

  • Faith would learn what all the note names are for each key