Tyler – Vocal Lesson – 2017.02.15

What Tyler wants from this lesson…

  • Feedback on his music performance
  • For Ben to tell him his strengths and what he needs to improve on


  • Sustaining notes while singing
  • Projection
    • Shows confidence in your abilities
  • Steady rhythm
  • Getting out to perform early in your music career

Things to Improve:

  • Pitch Accuracy

Pitch Accuracy Notes

  • Learn the vocal melody on your guitar as single notes and sing with it out of tempo
  • Once you can hit the notes predictably out of tempo, then sing in tempo
  • Reduce the length of sample you’re trying to sing to focus in on the pitch
  • Stylistically decide what pitches you want to sustain and hit
    • What’s comfortable for you?
    • What is within your current ability to play?

Learning Diamond (from Kenny Werner)

Link to the Learning Diamond photo

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Ben’s goal is to teach you a new, more efficient, more effective manner of learning how to play music
  • There are techniques to be able to practice in an effortless way, to relax into the music
  • You can create mini-exercises from the songs you’re learning
    • Take a smaller portion of what you’re singing, slow it down, and focus on being able to sing it effortlessly in the correct pitch
  • If you’re flat on a note (below the pitch), try smiling as you sing the line
  • We almost always make mistakes on the parts where we’re nervous about…
    • Focus on just that portion you’re worried about and use your practice time so you can sing it effortlessly

Power Chord Exercise

  • Play the first note in a power chord on your guitar
    • Sing the note you just played
  • Play the second note in a power chord on your guitar
    • Sing the note you just played
  • Go back to the first note and try to sing both notes individually without the guitar

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