Harmony – Vocal Lesson – 2017.02.10

Miscellaneous Notes:

  • Harmony noted that it’s difficult to get practice time in, mostly practiced breathing exercises since last lesson
  • Harmony wants to learn where to go when the chosen key is not suited to her range
  • Women’s bible study is starting and Harmony will be participating as a worship singer!
  • Harmony wants to sing more of the worship music she’s found and is having issues with the range of songs that Kevin is choosing.
  • Harmony wants Ben to play his guitar while she practices singing the songs she’s chosen to learn

How To Know If You’re Breathing Right…

  • If you have enough breath to sing fully to the end of each line, then you’re breathing right
  • If you notice your pitch is off, or you can’t sustain a note, then you need to take a breath

Harmony Practice:

Practiced harmonizing together:

  • Harmony singing the lead
  • Ben singing above as the backup

Focus on projecting and maintaining the pitch accuracy of your own note while another person is singing above you.

Maintaining Pitch Accuracy:

  • Harmony sings and stabilizes a certain pitch
  • Ben sings a note that is flat or sharp, trying to make Harmony change the note she’s singing
    • By projecting louder, Harmony is able to maintain her pitch
    • Focus on maintaining your pitch at the end of your breath
      • At the end of your breath is often the most difficult place to maintain your pitch…
    • Stay within your comfortable range, otherwise you can potentially compromise your voice

Nadi Shuddhi Breathing Technique:

  • Use this technique to bring stabilization to your breathing patterns
  • Focus on inhaling and exhaling completely through your open nostril
  • Focus on maintaining an even breath, especially at the beginning and end of each breath

Lesson Rating: 8/10

What would it take to make it a 10?

  • Being able to play the chords while Harmony sings over it
  • Focus on learning how to create harmonies
  • For Ben to harmonize with Harmony while she sings the songs

For next lesson:

  • Send Ben copies of any songs you want him to learn, in the key that you’ll be playing them in at church
  • Continue practicing “No Longer Slaves” by I Am They
    • Find out from Kevin what key that they’ll play it in during worship
  • Harmony will record Sunday worship so we can review it during our next lesson
  • “Ahhh, Oooh, Mmmh” Breathing Exercise
  • “If We’re Honest” by Francesca Battistelli