Harmony – Vocal Lesson -2017.02.03

In terms of singing progress, where do you want to be in a year?

Progress beyond a “backup singer” mentality, including:

  • Develop own sound
  • Sing with confidence
  • Singing harmonies
  • Pitch stability (while other musicians are singing/playing the wrong notes)
  • Breathing and singing from abdomen
  • Learning faith-based cover songs

2 to 3 months, learn a song where Harmony can sing a special song at church as lead!


Notes from singing “No Longer Slaves” by I Am They


  • Confidence
  • Projection
  • Beautiful vibrato

Things to improve:

  • Sustaining notes at the end of the line
  • Pitch accuracy
    • Ensuring you have enough breath left at the end of a line to hit the correct pitch
    • For example: “Your glory god is what our hearts long for
  • Using your passion behind singing, specifically during practice periods

Warm up practice for singing “Holy Spirit” by Francesca Battistelli

For singing in soprano register at “I Am A Child Of God”

  • F5-A5-G5
  • G5-B5-A5
  • A5-C#6-B5
  • B5-D#6-C#6  <— these are the pitches we’re looking to sing for this song

Things to remember while singing this exercise:

  • Warm up into singing in your upper range
  • Use keyboard to help correct and maintain pitch
  • Using abdominal breathing while practicing
  • Relax into each note, exhale into each note

Miscellaneous notes:

Husband wants Harmony to jump all in with singing, other instruments, etc…

Sometimes the best path to progress is taking baby steps on one instrument (voice), then move to other instruments when you’re comfortable.

Ben’s goal is to help guide each student during their lessons to learn a system of how to teach themselves music.

This way, each student can improve in their own practice sessions at home independently.

The Learning Diamond:

Link to Learning Diamond image

What’s been valuable during lessons?

  • Breathing exercises / breathing while singing
  • Being told when off-pitch (flat or sharp)

Quality of lesson today: 8/10

What would it take to get a 10?

  • For Harmony to sing perfectly
  • For Harmony to feel confident in her abilities as a singer
  • Having a live instrument to sing along to (guitar, piano, etc)

For next lesson:

  • Bring music materials from church
  • Ahhh, Oooo, Mmmm breathing exercise (7x each)
  • “I Am A Child of God” high range exercise

Songs to Practice:


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